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Radiofil association also offers a list of useful addresses, for information only and without any liability.
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Websites dedicated to wireless
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Radiofil association offers this list of websites about antique radio, for information only and without any liability.
Please communicate us any error or omission.

  Australian Vintage Radio
  Historical Radio Society of Australia

  Antique Radio (Brasil)
  J.A. Radios Antigos
  RST - Rádio Sociedade Técnica
  The Electron Age / A Idade do Eléctron

  Hammond Museum of Radio
  London Vintage Radio Club
  Ottawa Vintage Radio Club
  Radios antiques
  SQCRA, Société Québécoise des Collectionneurs de Radios Anciens

  Russian Radio Museum

  Radista : telecommunication equipment in ex-Yougoslav Army

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