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Radiofil magazine is the only 68 page French radio magazine with a bimonthly publication.
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Contents of the magazine
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Contents de Radiofil magazine 40
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Couverture magazine

Ivory sheets :
Wells Gardner modèle 6C fabriqué à Chicago (1935) by D. Maignan.

Restoration :
Restaurer un poste by T. Compaing.
I am a novice, in fact this article deals rather with the whole rewiring of the circuitry than the restoration of the radio set. I postponed to take care of the cabinet.
Remplacement des condensateurs de filtrage by D. Maignan.
Filter capacitor replacement
The purpose of the filter electrolytic capacitors is to smooth the DC voltage at the output of the rectifier. They are associated with a resistor or an inductor in order to form a low pass filter.
Réfection des cordons de casques by J. Denier.
Many collectors have found in the junk markets or have in the bottom of their drawers some head phones whose cords are in poor condition. I suggest you a simple and inexpensive way to restore them with respect of the original look.

Realization :
Oscillateurs et postes à effet dynatron by J-P. Delattre, G. Chevaillier, D. Maignan.
Dynatron oscillators and receivers
This study was started after reading a paper describing a small radio of the thirties operating with the negative resistance properties of a tube. The principle was currently used at that time, but is nearly unknown nowadays. Any device which exhibits a negative resistance characteristic may be used to build an oscillator. The negative resistance phenomenon produces the following behavior: applying a voltage increase to the device will reduce the current throught it, and vice versa.

In the course of Web :
Au fil du forum by D. Maignan.
Réparation d'un variac, la TSF des vacances 1954,
As everybody already knows, the Radiofil forum initiated by Radiofil for all the amateurs of early radio and audio techniques, is a great place of courteous chats where participants from all countries are exchanging information about their common hobby which are always interesting. We are choosing and reproducing some files that are supposed to be of great interest to our readers, especially for those not ready to use the web yet.

History of techniques :
Pentodes with no grid by E. Codechevre.
The transmitter of the first artificial satellite Sputnik, was using these revolutionary vacuum tubes to send its famous bip-bip. In the fifties, during the cold war, USSR made a big rearmament effort. In this context, an important transmitting equipment program should be performed, particularly a high production of portable battery equipments with low power consumption.

Report :
Visit at Antoine Campion’s by S. Melot.
Everyone who knows Antoine Campion appreciates his permanent good mood, his availability, always ready to do somebody a favour. Thanks to his human qualities and his technical competences he has been getting many good friends he likes to spend good times with. Rather than displaying many pictures of radios on shelves, we prefer to show the Radiofil readers a drastic selection of a few représentative items of his very interesting collection.

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